Founder Note

Hey, I’m Todd, the founder of Chaads. 

Surprisingly enough, I grew up your typical liberal. Everyday I subscribed to the anti-american message that the mainstream media pumped out without a second thought. But eventually, I started asking a few questions about what I was being told, which led to some new realizations.

After looking at the narrative being pushed by the establishment from a neutral perspective, the lunacy started to reveal itself: 

  • Made up genders
  • “Toxic” masculinity
  • Restricting gun rights
  • Sky-high taxes

    I had an awakening, and started to understand the ugly truth behind these absurd post-modern initiatives. I became a free thinker, and realized the importance of our nations founding values. 

    But the companies I liked were supporting all the nonsense! Kneeling for the anthem? Advocating gun grabs? Anti-family values? 

    “Why can't I buy clothes without giving to a radical agenda?” I asked myself.

    The companies I used to love had gone woke, and I got fed up.

    And thus, Chaads was born. A company truly centered around American values and the principles that glue this great and prosperous nation together. We didn’t want to be another cheesy or basic “patriotic” brand, either. We needed our designs to be clean, cool, and timeless. We also needed the quality of our clothes to be soft, durable, and great fitting.

    And so that’s what we did, and we launched our very first product line in 2021, and have been vigilantly sharing our message since.  We hope you join us on our pursuit to keep the freedom movement in the limelight. 

    With liberty and justice for all,


    Founder | Chaads